On the north-west corner of arizona and warner, there’s a shop called DJ’s smoke shop, definitely make it a point to stop by. The staff is always friendly and they have a wide selection. Don’t be a afraid to talk pricing with them and let them give you advice to enjoy your sessions on your budget. Go frequently and ask about their military and azmmj card holder discounts!

Smoke shops are a dime a dozen in chandler right now. Drive down arizona ave and you’ll see a smoke shop every 2 miles. Make sure you take time to inspect what you are buying at the shop because people will often times buy lower quality stock from drop shippers without taking the time to select proper manufacturers. Check your glass tubes to make sure nothing is cracked, this way you don’t have to worry about arguing with the shop owner about refunds.

Don’t be afraid to ask plenty of questions when you buy your next piece. Plenty of local shops are just in it to make a quick buck, reselling crappy gear that they find for discount prices. Hold your piece up to the light on the ceiling, inspect it for any cracks. Look at your bowl and see if it’s something you might eventually decide to get a glass screen for. If you need small little add-ins that are around a couple bucks such as papers or glass screens or lighters, don’t be afraid to negotiate that as a free item for the amount of money you are spending.

Don’t impulse buy. Are you really going to use that six foot acrylic piece more than once a year? Do you really need a custom glass pipe that looks like a moose but barely sits still so you and three of your friends may break it in the next week…. bad move marvin.

Make educated buys of brand name stuff that you know is going to work. Is the piece functional? Is it big enough? Is it small enough? Is it going to break the first time you tip it over? Take your time and make good decisions.

Rebelution recently played at the marquee theater in tempe, arizona. Check out some live videos of these guys on youtube or get some tickets for their tour. With herbally conscious songs like “Green to Black” and “So High” this band is amazing to roll one up and smoke to. Go buy all of their albums on itunes if you can. Rebelution played a pretty awesome set and definitely showed AZ some love by coming out for an encore. Plenty of people were getting jiggy with it… and of course.. there was plenty of smoke in the room.

BnB Grow and BnB Smoke Shop in Mesa are too legit to quit. Straight up consultants, no sales BS trying to get you to spend a grand your first time in. If you don’t need something they’ll tell you. Stop by if you need any help with a new glass piece for your chill room or ANYTHING for your gardening room.

There’s a new smoke shop in arizona ladies and gentlemen. It actually seems to be a chain of shops between chandler and phoenix. Check out the smoke shop on alma school and warner. They’ll wheel and deal for ya to find the right price for all your smoking accessories.

Try to make sure you are keeping track of your lung health. Stop smoking tobacco or find a vaporizer or smokeless tobacco of some sort. Be healthy and happy. If you are a regular smoker you can help offset your terrible disgusting habit by working out and eating right.

Smoking cigarette’s or chewing tobacco has been known to cause the sensation of feeling drunk if too high of a dose is consumed by a new user. This can also cause headaches and possible vomiting or hick-ups.

Smoking herb can help migraines. Sever migraines can cause nausea with vomiting being the only relief for the pressure that is felt during a migraine. Smoking strains known for pain management can help relieve this pressure. If vomiting is necessary, herb can help calm the sick person down. Medical Marijuana opinions vary.


Migraines are often caused by stress. Many strains of cannabis are known to be very powerful stress reduction tools. Local smoke shops in arizona can help with medical quality glass to ensure a clean and smooth medical mj experience.